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Old Dog Stands Down as Programme Editor

Published: 14/06/2017 at 13:58

After almost 15 seasons of editing and latterly compiling the Stars programme in a format ready for printing I have decided to call it a day and hand over the reigns to some younger aspiring talent out there.

It has been a pleasure putting together your weekly read and I am indebted to the Ward Brothers for allowing me the freedom to do so without any editing on their behalf.

I would also like to thank the many contributors old and new, namely, Alan Johnston, & Dawn Johnston (under their many guises!), Elliot Shaw, Ian McMaster, Ged Cashley, Ron Gabriel & of course Derek Black who have been part of the Stars programme over those years, it would have been impossible without all of you.

Even back to the BNL days where I worked hand in hand with Alan Paul and had many a laugh cobbling together the Auchenshoogal Asteroids and such nonsense and turning my spare room into a printing press during the SNL days when I produced the entire programme from home. (Mad I tell ye!)

A big thank-you also to David at Winter Simpson who has been a pleasure to deal with over these past 3 seasons with every deadline met.

It’s been hard work at times, but always enjoyable and I hope who ever takes over the role gets as much pleasure out of doing so as I have had.

I sincerely hope that all our current contributors stay on board and I myself would still be willing to scribble a weekly page if required.

The programme is currently produced through Microsoft Publisher and sent in PDF format to Winter Simpson Wednesday lunchtime before the weekend’s fixture.

Any interested parties should contact Elliot Shaw @

Thank you
Graham Easson
(Old Dog)
Old Dog Stands Down as Programme Editor

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