Message from GM

Hi Stars fans,

I hope everybody is well and enjoying the summer………though I’m told the good weather is yet to kick in over there?!

As we now arrive in the month of June, the excitement for the new season is slowly but surely building up. It has been an extremely hectic time in the last few months since the end of the season.

As a franchise that is growing at a very strong pace, we recognise that we need to be pushing this club 365 days in a year & that’s what we have been doing.

Firstly, THANK YOU!


Even though it has been known within the organisation for the past week, that we have beaten the season ticket record, that we established last season. I wanted to publicly thank everyone for their invaluable support.

It is another great accomplishment for the club and shows that we are all pushing in a positive direction. This is extremely vital and is the main reason we are able grow on and off the ice as a team.

To you, the fans, from all of us at the Stars, THANK YOU!

We as an organisation have also decided to leave the Early Bird season tickets on sale for another week, to give fans a chance to take advantage of this fantastic offer, at the beginning of June before the summer really starts.

The new deadline will be the close of business, Monday 10th JUNE!

All of the necessary season ticket information is available at the Dundee Ice Arena & also online on the HERE!




A major announcement was made last week, as we confirmed two pre-season games against the Odense Bulldogs of the Danish league.

When we were looking at these pre-season fixtures, we definitely wanted to bring another European team in to Dundee.

It’s important we play teams of differing styles, especially early into the season as we ramp up everything leading into the start of the regular EIHL campaign.

Speaking to different clubs, we really wanted to explore the option of playing a different country and Denmark was a great option.

I was able to speak to different representatives of the club many times and they are very excited to be coming to Scotland and of course to Dundee.

We have been told the team will be very competitive in the Danish league this season, so I expect this to be a great challenge for us.

Ticket information will be released shortly, so keep your eyes on all Stars social media!



The recruitment has been going really well so far. I’m happy with where we are as an Organisation.

The players we have signed back from last year’s team were a key priority of mine and I’m genuinely delighted to have secured those signatures for another EIHL campaign.

The players are not only great players for the club, but are also great people and ambassadors for the organisation.


We are still in discussions with a few players from last season and we are not closing any doors on that front. It’s a two way street at this time of year, some players want to aim for higher leagues and whilst that can be frustrating at times, we have to respect their wishes.

On the flip side, we have some players that are desperate to return for next season, but I want to scour the market to ensure that I capture the best possible signature for the Stars.

So you could say it can be a bit of cat and mouse at this time of year! Of course, similar to every season, we are definitely looking to upgrade in specific areas and have already done so.

Even though we had the 3rd best record in all of the Stars history in the Elite League , we are still striving for better and to solidify ourselves in the play-off position’s in season 2019/20- which is a key priority for us.

So far we have announced Justin Maylan and Alex Leclerc as our first new players that have signed up for the upcoming season.

Justin bought into the growth of the club, the culture and the direction of the team which I liked a lot. He is a skilled player and will give an added boost to our offense, that struggled at times during the season.



For Alex, he is a young and hungry goalie. He was a massive part of the Colorado College program in the last 3 years and a lot of references I received on him were excellent, both about his character as much as his goaltending abilities!!

He obtained the starting position as a freshman, which shows he loves a challenge and battling hard to stand out. He is extremely mature for his age and is looking forward to the challenge of being the backbone of this team.

The recruiting process is a gruelling one and a non-stop process. We should have more news about signings in the next few days or weeks.

It is time-consuming, but vital to get the right players for the club that fits on the ice and our ethos as a team, so be assured. I am on it 24/7 to ensure we get the right players and people here, so have patience and when we secure more signatures, you guys will be the first to know………well, I might tell Steve and Mike Ward first, but you know what I mean!!


As we mentioned at the very beginning of the article, we have beaten the season ticket record, which is massive for the club.

Additionally, Michael Ward Jr has done a great job replacing Elliot Shaw in the last few weeks. He has been busy retaining and acquiring new sponsors, that are essential for the continued growth of the club.

The off-season will be the busiest time for him and he has done a great job adjusting to his new full-time role, within the organisation.


In the last 2 years, as a club. We have pushed really hard on the commercial front. We are nowhere near where we want to be, but we recognise that we have made big strides over the past 48 months or so.

We probably punch above our weight on the commercial front, if truth be told. But we don’t settle for “good” here at the Stars, we want to be in the “excellent” bracket. So it is up to us to catch-up to some of the other teams in the league.

Hopefully the exposure of Great-Britain in the recent World Championships will help further exposure of our great sport, specifically in Dundee!


The Stars are no longer the best-kept secret in Dundee, we are the fastest growing fanbase in the Elite League.

I want that to continue across the Season 2019-20, so that’s where we always push on you the fans to keep wearing our jerseys, keep telling your friends, family and work colleagues about the Stars and ultimately, get them and their friends to come along to the DIA!!

We will keep being pro-active, in pushing the Stars during this off-season, we will also find different ways to enhance the match-night experience for fans.

This is something that I deem as really important, so watch this space on that front.

We want to make it a great event, every time you the fans step into the Dundee Ice Arena. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know by emailing [email protected] or DM us on social media.

Ok, I need to get back to work here, so I’ll leave it here.

Have an awesome summer, Stars fans.

My intention is to be back really early into Dundee ahead of the new season, so here’s hoping (and praying!) the weather picks up over there in beautiful Scotland!!

Hockey season will be on us before we all know it!